Brexit and stocking up

Bulk buying clubs in Ireland have few orders left before 31st October and the possibility of huge Brexit upheavals. Any return of import tariffs would particularly apply in the food sector because of the significant additional rates and restrictions the EU applies to ‘third countries’. Even moreso than usual, then, groups have every reason to plan ahead and stock up strategically.

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A welcome Brexit respite

A looming ‘hard Brexit’ during much of March threatened an abrupt end to trading relationships built up by buying clubs over many years. Since 2012, the pop-up wholefoods group in Dublin 1 has been ordering with Suma, Britain’s leading workers’ co-operative. However, they drew up their recent order under a shadow – the UK potentially crashing out of the EU soon after dispatch of what would be their 49th bulk shipment from the Yorkshire-based co-op. Thus, there was a serious chance it would have to be their last, amid the prospect of prohibitive tariffs and regulations kicking in from the end of the month.

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Buying clubs on Brexit watch

Many people across the island of Ireland are keeping a close eye on Brexit developments – and bulk buying club members are no exception.

Several groups based in the Republic currently source their deliveries from British wholefood cooperatives, importing without the slightest issue due to the two countries’ shared EU membership. However, in just five months, these small-scale arrangements could become untenable under a potential ‘No Deal Brexit’ bringing the return of tariffs and a range of import procedures. Continue reading “Buying clubs on Brexit watch”