The opposite of panic buying

Following new measures against the Covid-19 virus, today’s news has been awash with more stories of shoppers feverishly emptying shelves of certain products. Often, I’ve heard this referred to as ‘bulk buying’, which is unfortunate because that term better describes something planned, considered and rational. Thus, bulk buying clubs are made up of people working together in their common interest to save money by buying collectively from a wholesaler. The process of putting a group order together is a co-operative act, more akin to a ‘slow food’ meal – the very opposite of anxious, impulse purchasing. Far better to describe what we’ve seen over recent days as ‘panic buying’ – anti-social and, ultimately, against all good sense.

About this site

This site aims to encourage and support the setting up of further bulk buying clubs and small food co-ops in Ireland by sharing the experience of individuals who have operated a ‘pop-up wholefoods’ model over a number of years.