Low-cost and parent-friendly

When we started our Dublin 1 food co-op in 2012, just one of our members was a parent, but in the years that have followed we’ve seen many of our households sprout youngsters and we’ve been finding our way around the world of baby products as never before.

Parenthood can be hellishly expensive, especially if you want to focus on organic and eco-friendly options, so the chance to make big savings through bulk buying can be a real help. In addition, making a relaxed pick-up of a pre-order is so much easier than doing the supermarket slog.

We have special provisions for parents of young children built into our rules, too. Although our low-cost co-op model is built on the general principle that all members do a small amount of volunteering in return for their savings, we’re more than happy to let our members focus on being mums and dads when they need to.

Using Ethical Consumer Magazine as our guide, we draw on the latest information and ‘ethi-scores’ to make sure that the options we offer – whether it’s baby food or nappies, toothpaste or wipes – are from smaller and lower-impact suppliers. We also offer a wide range of zero waste products.

For more information about Pop-Up Wholefoods in Dublin 1, see our FAQ.