Go co-op for bulk organic in Dublin

Zero waste came to the fore in 2018, with more and more options to buy loose wholefoods by weight. In many instances, though, these were only well-suited to people wanting relatively small amounts of the available products. For those wanting bulk quantities – such as organic flour for home-baking – the cost per kilo of this approach was its biggest draw-back. Buying several kilos of something ought to bring both an economic and environmental saving – less cost, less overall packaging. Yet ‘wholesale’ bulk purchasing is generally off-limits for ordinary households… although two food co-ops in the city are addressing this.

Kilmainham-based Dublin Food Co-op has been piloting a click-and-collect service for bulk items, currently in beta-testing while it seeks to establish suitable storage for a long-term operation.

Meanwhile, in the North Inner City, 25kg sack of muesliPop-Up Wholefoods offers a wide range of organic options to its members in quantities usually from 2.5kg packs through to 25kg sacks. For added flexibility at the pre-order stage, two or more members can combine to share a pack, making good savings available on smaller quantities.

So, if you’re searching for low prices on bulk organic wholefoods in Dublin, check out your local food co-op!

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