Brexit and stocking up

Bulk buying clubs in Ireland have few orders left before 31st October and the possibility of huge Brexit upheavals. Any return of import tariffs would particularly apply in the food sector because of the significant additional rates and restrictions the EU applies to ‘third countries’. Even moreso than usual, then, groups have every reason to plan ahead and stock up strategically.

It’s impossible to predict how things will stand at the end of October and some form of last gasp deal remains possible. However, what’s certain is that the Euro is currently pretty strong against Sterling, meaning there’s good value to be had on stocking up on many goods from British suppliers .

So, as midnight on 31st October looms ever closer, bulk buyers in Ireland will be wise to up their order quantities for foodstuffs produced in Britain, especially those with the longest shelf life. And groups based in the Republic that source their deliveries directly from British wholesalers would be wise to aim for placing a big order in the next couple of months – as well as developing fall-back plans to work with an Irish supplier for future orders.

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