Good to know, hard to find

Bulk buying clubs are friendly creatures – but often a little publicity shy! Most are simply ticking along as groups of friends who may have little need to recruit more members. They have no real use for a website or Facebook page and word-of-mouth may well be their only form of promotion.

Yet the benefits and savings that small food co-ops can bring to their members are significant. Why pay retail prices for wholefoods and organic goods when you can pay  wholesale rates through a little co-operation?

So this site is built on the idea of shining a light on the buying club model. It provides details of several clubs that are open to new members – and it’s a list we hope to grow over time. (If you’re in a group or know of a group in your locality, please do get in touch. It will be great to hear from you).

And if there’s no group you know of where you are, then why not consider making the first move in starting one? You really don’t need many like-minded people and, as well as the ‘how to’ resources at this site, we’ll be only too happy to share our experience over email.

About this site

This site aims to encourage and support the setting up of further bulk buying clubs and small food co-ops in Ireland by sharing the experience of individuals who have operated a ‘pop-up wholefoods’ model over a number of years.