Permanently pop-up

Most people will be familiar with ‘pop-up shops’ offered on short term lets.  Dubliners may also remember Granby Park, a short-lived ‘pop-up’ public space on derelict land that was supported then taken away by the local authority, only for the site to return to disuse.

But if pop-up shops and pop-up parks come and go that’s because they express a passive, top-down idea of allocating space for temporary use until it can find a ‘higher’ (i.e. more profitable) purpose.

However, doing a pop-up activity is quite amenable to running on a permanent basis – or at least as long as those making it happen want to keep it going.

Thus, a monthly farmers’ market doesn’t permanently occupy space day-in-day-out, but it still has a regular home to do it’s ‘pop-up’ food sales. So it goes with bulk buying clubs springing up to do ‘pop-up wholefoods’ from a community venue or even someone’s home.

The group actively harnesses space to achieve a common goal, but does so only when it needs to, avoiding the ongoing expense and commitment of renting a full-time location. And it can keep on doing so indefinitely…

About this site

This site aims to encourage and support the setting up of further bulk buying clubs and small food co-ops in Ireland by sharing the experience of individuals who have operated a ‘pop-up wholefoods’ model over a number of years.